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How we use data to make Meeting Machine work for you

Meeting Machine NEVER resells or shares your data to 3rd party entities such as internet media, advertising or marketing firms. That’s NOT our business model.  We use your opted-in data in conjunction with our entire opted-in professional network 

  1. to find availability on your calendar and

  2. to make the best FREE introductions to relevant professionals for you. That’s it. If you and your match both accept a meeting invite within 24 hours, we then only charge each $.99 to officially book the meeting. That’s how we get paid to work for you.


how it works

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Receive a free meeting invite every monday at 9am

Our smart business match algorithm identifies relevant professionals for you to meet based on industry, job title, company size, geo location, groups and other data points. if both invitees accept the suggested intro - meeting machine automatically finds a mutually agreeable time for both PARTY'S to meet and books the 15 minute call, including a one-touch conference number.


You choose to accept or decline the meeting

A de-identified profile (industry, title, common interests, etc.) of your match is shown to inform accept or decline decision. If both accept meeting invite within 24 hours, it’s officially booked and charge $.99.

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Get ready for your 15 minute intro call

Prior to your call, we reveal the name and further insights about your match to get you prepped. Simply click the one-touch call-in conference line from your calendar to start your intro call. We do not disclose direct contact info - we leave that to you.

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Create, retain & grow communities

Meeting Machine easily allows you to create and manage communities to authentically meet. When you create a Meeting Machine group, all you have to do is share to your active or newly formed community to instantaneously allow authentic and relevant meetings among group members. There’re many types of communities that can take advantage of meeting machine to make a stronger and richer community including:


Alumni Groups

It’s tough to stay connected to your Alma Mater. Not anymore, meeting machine will ensure there’s always a relevant interaction on the calendar with your fellow alums.


You’ve built followings through Social media, now you can authentically help connect your followers in the real-world to strengthen your influencer brand.


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professional Groups

It’s great to meet folks who have common industry and networking interests, now they can always meet or keep the conversation going after in an inperson event.


10000+ employees doing a variety functions across your organization? No problem, Meeting Machine will instantly create corporate cohesion with your most valuable asset, people.

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You’ve built and are constantly looking to strengthen your cause and donations. Meeting Machine can create cohesion and expand your cause to friends of friends.

B2B Media

You’ve created valuable audiences though online and offline media. Meeting Machine can enable further cohesion, monetization and expansion of your audience.

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Conference/meetup Organizers

Getting people together in the real-world to authentically connect is the most powerful way to network and learn. Keep the conversation going, before or after your next event.

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